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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Creating Your Own, Signature Scent is Easy!

I have smelled literally hundreds of new fragrances in my work as a beauty expert, and by now, I'm pretty good at discerning specific "notes" in most fragrances. To me, scent is like wine--highly personal and there's something for everyone at every price point. But often when I sniff something I can't help but think: "if only it had a little more of...and a little less of..."

Thanks to the Do It Yourself Perfume Kit $24.95 by Bramble Berry I can now satisfy my urge to dabble in the art of mixing scent and be my own perfumer!

This little kit lets you create not just one unique scent, but up to a dozen different variations. Inside square, cardboard box are nestled three 1 /2 ounce of bottles of pure fragrance oil. There are quite a few different varieties of scent mixes from fruits and florals to spices. My kit featured the latest and greatest for Fall and Winter 2008: a sparkling and fruity oil called" "Moonlight Pomegranate" (a mix of sparkling citrus, dewberry and cassis, plus musk, sandalwood and vanilla); a light green floral called "Kentish Rain" (blending notes of basil, green leaf and ozone with muguet lily, rose and jasmine, with a touch of violet and bottom notes of sandalwood and tonka) and a slightly weightier blend called "red Lychee Tea" (a blend of sweet lychee with dew fruit, and white florals of geranium and lily). You also get two one ounce bottles of Perfume base, 4 droppers (to add the ingredients), 4 re-useable glass mini bottles with caps, and 12 rollerball tops, plus a Custom Perfume Guide Booklet with general instructions (it's not at all difficult to blend the essential oils, but the trick is to do it to your liking which might take a bit of trial and error--but fun trial and error. You get a few blank labels as well, but I'd rather be creative and make attractive labels of my own.

What's great about this little kit is that you can make each mini-batch of scent different or the same. Use one note, two notes, all three notes, or more or less of them together as you want. My first try was ok, but as I began to appreciate how the notes blended together, the results were even better. Once you have a scent you can't live without, be sure to save the formula so you can create your special "recipe" over and over again --or make a dozen different blends and use each to suit your moods, the seasons--whatever!

Real "noses" tend to run in families for generations, but you don't have to come from Eze, France to create a scent that will be nice to wear. And it doesn't take all day either. It's really fast and easy---just the kind of DIY project I love. You don't have to use a hammer, a paintbrush, or wear overalls....all you have to do is sniff the essential oils, fill some droppers and dispense as many drops as you wish into the mini-bottle, add a cap, and pop it in your purse. The small size fits in the tiniest handbag for freshening up, anytime.

This is a treat for a rainy weekend, or just to take your mind off of other matters for a short while. And it makes such a great gift --stock up now for the holidays . or call Toll Free: 877-627-7883


At 12:11 AM , Blogger "Tink" said...

What a cute kit! Fun mixing at home. Wish they had other scents though.

At 12:52 PM , Blogger Alison said...

Hi Tink: It is fun to try this at home, although when it comes to fragrance, I mostly defer to the experts. But you will be amazed at home many different types of scents you can get from this kit. But actually, as I said in the post, the company also has quite a few different varieties of scent mixes -- they have kits that range from fruits and florals to spices--mine just happened to be the new, Fall notes.


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