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Monday, July 14, 2008

Sally Hansen Lip Lab-Lovely Lip Treats for Luscious Lips

I never leave the house without at least a couple of lip glosses in my purse, because it's the easiest way to "freshen up" when my energy and image is wilting. But lip glosses aren't just beautifiers anymore, they can also pack in lots of lip-loving pampering and protectants.
Lip Lab by Sally Hansen has a variety of pampering products, some of which treat specific lip challenges, and others offer a good variety of color and shine options. Four items specifically offer treatment at just $9.95 each: Prep & Perfect Lipcare; Overnight Lip Recovery; Lip Fix Lip Repair; and PM Lip Plumper. There are also two Lip Plumping Products ($9.95 each) that offer color as well as volume: Lip Blush Plumping Balm and Gentle Plumping Lip Treatment. For simply beautiful color and shine, two fantastic Lip Glosses $6.95 each, delight: a sparkling Lipnotic Gem Gloss and a Satin Effects Lip Gloss.
Here's a rundown:

Fading & Bleeding: One of the challenges of wearing lip gloss is keeping it on your lips. Prep & Perfect Lipcare locks on lip color and helps prevent it from feathering, bleeding and fading, thanks to a botanical moisture shield that makes a "canvas" if you will, to give the color something smooth to adhere to. It also smoothes, moisturizes and conditions lips, so you have more reasons to use it. Simply stroke the wanded applicator over your bare lips and then swipe on your favorite lipstick or lip gloss. The product feels soft and moisturizing, and your investment of a few seconds before applying your lip color will pay dividends for hours, allowing you to "set it and forget it" when it comes to your lip color.

Lip Lines and Wrinkles: If your lips and the area surrounding them is dry or "maturing," you already know that keeping any lip color from running into the tiny lines and crevices is a challenge. Line Fix Lip Repair can help, with a formula that hydrates and renews lips, and instantly feels in line, so they won't plague you. A high tech marine collagen and sodium hyaluronate (youth-boosting ingredients) helps protect against moisture loss in a unique, clear, odorless gel delivered in a "dial-up" silvery pen. used regularly, the tiny lines look and feel less prominent. Keep one at your desk and "dial up" moisture, often TIP: use this before applying your lip color as well as the Prep & Perfect, for impressive results.

Dy, Cracked Lips: If your lips are very dry, you can undo some of the damage while you sleep and wake up to smoother lips by using Overnight Lip Recovery. All it takes is seconds. Simply apply the the clear, odorless treatment (dispensed from a cool-looking silvery slant-tipped tube). This intensive lip treatment (with a slight, minty scent) has oligopeptides (to boost lip fullness) Vitamins A, C and E, and yucca, to help deal with disasters such as dry and peeling lips. It hydrates and heals, then protects against future moisture loss. My dry lips felt softer, and continued to feel moist the next day.

Plumper Lips: You can also sleep your way to plumper lips with PM Lip Plumper. A 24-hour time-released retinol & peptide complex actually helps to turn back the signs of aging, while collagen boosts moisture and offers plumping benefits. The slightly vanilla-y overnight plumping formula is fragrance and irritant-free, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist tested. This does help give the appearance of poutier lips, but unlike a lot of lip plumpers, it won't tingle too much, so you can sleep without disturbance. It comes in a blue squeeze tube with a pointy, silver cap. Use it every evening before you go to bed or whenever you really feel like it. You may not see instant results, but after continued use, Advice Sisters reviewers reported lips looked more youthful. You may not be able to completely turn back the hands of time, but if you're spending a lot of time in the sun this Summer, and/or you're over a certain age, every little bit helps.

Sally Hansen doesn't scrimp on the glam factor in their lip glosses, either. The Gentle Plumping Lip Treatment comes in six easy-to-wear, super-shiny, sheer colors that offer just a hint of tint: "Tender" (shimmery rose); "Serene" (sheer berry); "Happy" (shimmery light pink); "Playful" (shimmery peach) and "Tease" (shimmery nude); and "Clear." The silky, gel gloss is gorgeous! The light-reflecting properties of the gloss, plus a peptide complex and time-released hydrospheres make lips look fresh, full, and pouty-- without pain. And the packaging has a tiny oval mirror right on the tube, so you can see what you're doing without funbling for a mirror--a nice little touch.
The Sally Hansen Lip Blush Plumping Balm also help plump up lips with a slightly tingly, clear, super-shiny gel gloss that is dispensed from a soft-sided squeeze tube with a brush tip (nice touch). After the gloss is glowing on your lips, making them look pouty, the color develops to a sheer, pink gloss. Unlike some of these "mood" glosses that are activated by your unique body chemistry, this one appears to stay rosy, not garish--and that's great. But that's not all: The formula has peptides and marine-filling spheres that enhance the plumping effect, plus natural antioxidants that help condition dry and/or thin lips. Color, condition and plumping all in one easy-to-use-tube makes this a "must-have" in your purse.
The Satin Effects Lip Gloss gives you even more pampering color options. This wanded tube of gloss comes in a slim-slant-tipped squeeze tube, dispensing a silky, pearly, blendable color gloss that you can slick on almost sheer, or add more for nearly metallic and super-shiny color. There are ten colors with sexy names like "Seduction" (rosed-copper); "Pleasure" (light peachy-pink), "Romantic" (shimmery bronze); and "Intrigue" (red/rose).
I love shimmery lip glosses for their light, reflecting, lip-enhancing properties, so I've saved my favorite Sally Hansen Lip Gloss review for last: The Lipnotic Gem Gloss is a fantastic, super-shiny, super-sexy, glittery gem of a product that comes in a slim, wanded tube. These sheer glosses give your lips a wet and glassy finish that actually hydrates and softens, with sunflower seed oil, minerals, and vitamins. The effect off this super-sheer, super-shiny, gloss is dazzling. If your lips are in good shape (thanks to the Sally Hansen products I mentioned above) these glosses are "trés Jolie" (as in "pretty" and "Angelina"). If your lips aren't quite what you'd like, these glosses do what "soft touch" does for photographs...dull the rough edges so all you see is beauty. They're so inexpensive, but so amazingly great! There's "Precious" (clear) " to wear alone or enhance virtually any other lip color (I like mine with dark colors for night-time glam without glitter) and nine other color including: "Bling Bling" (berry), "Lavish" (plum-so "in" right now) and "Treasure" (a perfect, sheer pink).
What's exceptional about these Sally Hansen products is that not a thing will set you back more than the cost of a sandwich and soda, but they will help your lips look like a million. Mine were so improved after just trying these products to write this review for you, I am hooked. Value and effective products are even more welcome in these economic times.

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